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Melissa Peters

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 170

Kirima, an eleven-year-old girl, leaves her mundane, safe life at the orphanage behind, after she finds out that her best nine-year-old friend, Kozue, is being hunted down after he’d been abducted from his home country and taken to another of complete isolation from the outside world. Seems far-fetched for one her age, but Kirima has an upper hand – she controls the element of fire. But will that alone be enough to succeed in a place where outsiders are unwelcome, and for many of those who do manage to sneak in, are never heard from again? This book reads right-to-left, and contains violence, language and mature situations. Recommended for teenagers 15 and older!!! In a world full of chaos and an endless world-war between corrupted governments and deranged dictators, live elementists; humans with elemental abilities. Considered dangerous and killed by government officials, or hunted by dictators who wish to conceal their power, elementists are forced to live in hiding. Luckily, an underground resistance is on their side.



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