Firedome #3


The feeling of betrayal fills the air as Fixer confronts his team about yet another unprecedented failure to follow mission objectives, only to discover a much deeper plot rooted in the forbidden actions of the Ancients. Alliances are forged and the defiant are decimated as 777 mile Journey turns to disaster.

Christopher B Valentine, Sean Oliver Wilson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

3600 years into the future, the line between myth and reality faded long ago. Earth is a barren wasteland scared by greed, hatred and Fear. All that is left of humanity has coalesced in the last city on earth: FireDome, a swarm of life squeezed into its own prison. Narra and a her Partners in Crime unknowingly accept a Job that will not only change their lives, it may also save the last of the human race.

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