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Fire Horns #2

Devil Horns is confused as to why Meat Puppet came to Antarctica and what his plans are. As the story unfolds, a giant ship is found in the ice and ancient alien is discovered. More clues are discovered and a “bigger” picture of what the Almar (the ship that Meat Puppet and the newly discovered alien are looking for) comes to light.

James Lichtenberg

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Beyond the boundary of time and sight, an interstellar hunt for an ancient spacecraft, the Almar, took place between kings without number. There remained only two: Spiral Horn and Meat Puppet. The human race on Earth has become a casualty of their struggle. Its moon and the very planet itself may soon follow as Meat Puppet continues to search relentlessly. But there is someone who holds privileged knowledge of the Almar. His destiny will soon cross paths with the team known as Fire Horns.



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