File 49 – The Search for Lennox #1


Sara Turner

Standard Comic
28 pages
Black & White

Format Clear
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The saga continues as Keith, Josh, Truely and Oliver search for Lennox who has unexpectedly gone missing. Lennox is the only one who can answer their questions: Why were they created? Who is following them…and why? Was File 49 really closed? Or perhaps, all the answers can be found through the journey. Our small group must now come to terms with what they mean to one another. Ultimately, what is more important…the past or the present?

Months have passed and our group find themselves hiding in isolation after closing File 49 and escaping Agent White. Trying to plan their next move, they plan to start the search that could lead them to Lennox. Oliver has an idea of how to begin their search, but how does it involve Truely? And why are they meeting in secret? Just when it looks they are on the right course…our group gets a visit they did not anticipate! Does it involve the Keepers? Was File 49 never really closed?

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