Fern Sea Chronicles #1


W.O. Billman II, Indi Martin

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

Format Clear
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Chronicles #1 contains the stories “Blind Fly’s Bluff” and “Ember & Kiwi Go Caching.” In “Blind Fly’s Bluff,” Ember learns that different isn’t always a bad thing, and that the strongest people (or dragonflies) might be hiding behind a “weird” looking exterior. In “Ember & Kiwi Go Caching,” Ember meets her friend to go on an amazing geo-caching experience, the first of its kind in the Great Fern Sea. Welcome to The Great Fern Sea! This is an all-ages world of gnomish inventors, pet dragonflies, steam-powered catamarans, dreaded troll pirates searching the Ferns from their airships sailing the skies above, and most importantly, a ton of characters living their lives and learning the lessons that lives teach. Follow the adventures and trials of a young gnome girl – Ember Gearheart – trying to find her place in a fantastical world.

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