Farway Canyon #1


Steve Hillard, Dennis Nowlan, Ron Joseph, Johnny B. Gerardy, Sandra Molina Juan, George Warner

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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What It's About

Unpleasant things are waking up in Farway Canyon. The caretaker crew and a couple of reality-show ingénues set out to inspect The Old Uranium Mill. They find radioactive zombies guided by sentient, thought-controlling Super-Ore that was buried long ago by an alien race. All controls are failing as they discover they are sealed in the canyon by mysterious government agents.

Six people are stranded in Farway Canyon, a forgotten Cold War facility that has intruded upon ancient secrets and awakened a doomsday force. Now they must choose sides as corrupt government agents and an array of cosmic forces vie for control of the most dangerous substance in the universe.

Format Clear
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