Extraordinary #1



Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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Hound “Lifestyles” -What kind of name is “Hound”? It’s the only kind he’s got, as far as you know. But what do you care as long as he finds it, whatever “it” may be? And he will find it, regardless of what it is. As long as you’re paying. Celebutantes and well-paid thugs; girls and guns. Hound’s been hired by a wealthy man’s son for what sounds like a simple smash and grab job, but is there really such a thing? Written By: Brandon Barrows Artwork By: Przemysław Dedelis & Silvina Rinaldi Ravenson – His father, a man he never knew, is dead. Left with his fortune, the legacy, the mantle. He is the son of the Raven. But what does it mean to be Ravenson? And what is this Damnation that comes his way? Written By: Martin Brandt II Art By: Martinho Abreu Disconnected: Tales of the Sovereign – Landon’s past as a superhero continues to haunt him, at the same time events of the present are moving him closer and closer to re donning the mask. During the early 1990s, anyone with even the slightest hint of powers pulled on tights (and massive shoulderpads for the more “extreme”) in order to fight crime and injustice. Actually, that is a lie… people put on the costumes in order to score the next big comic book, action figure, and/or movie deal. Landon Cole was one such person. Taking on the moniker of “The Sovereign”, Landon started out stopping a few petty street crimes before “working his way up” to a super-villain. However, Landon bit off more than he could chew when he attempted to stop a bank robbery perpetrated by Lord Downfall and his minions. The tremendous beating that followed caused Landon to lose his powers, his eye, and any chance of being “the next big hero”. The public outcry, due to collateral damage and civilian casualties from the botched intervention, caused the government to relocate Landon and his wife to a more rural part of the country than the bustling Park City that they had been accustomed to. Years passed and Landon managed to make a decent life for himself. He had friends, a good job working for the highway department, and 2 years ago welcomed a son into the world. Sadly, it was not to last. Events both horrible and unstoppable have led Landon to once again don a mask. The Sovereign must build himself up anew and prove that he can truly be a hero. Written & Art by: Jason Stephens & Eric Boswell

n the world the ordinary walk the streets, most never giving a passing thought to the world around them. Beyond their idle thoughts and the tapestry of normal awaits the world of the Extraordinary. Here people with abilities far exceeding those of normal man wage their own person wars for their own personal reasons. No matter if we call them Heroes this battles is always personal. Welcome to the debut issue of Extraordinary!

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