Extinctioners #17


Shawntae Howard, Joshua Perez,Jason Canty

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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Issue #17 picks up right where issue number 16 left off. Three stories of three of the main cast members locked in their own conflicts. Max just finding out the truth of his family and history meets his long lost brother and now has to fight him to save his newly discovered mother from the Bloodscale gang. All the-while getting used to new aspects of his multiplication powers. The Ice empowered Arctica has her mind and emotions messed with in the continuation of her story. And in the 3rd chapter of this issue Jacob along with his girlfriend the Andorozon Rokki must deal with the deadly digital PI-Rats or face deletion. No backup saves here. Its Delete or be deleted.

Extinctioners follows a group of characters who learn they are hybrids, a humanoid animal possessing special powers which augment some species characteristic, and that their creators are on their way back to their planet with plans of taking over. The humanoid animals on the planet Alden, or humanimals, were genetic constructs created by humans for the purpose of avoiding having animals become extinct on an overpopulated Earth, with the idea that more humanoid animals would be able to better adapt to the changing reduction to their natural environments and increased pollution. During a global war, the humans discovered a new fresh planet though a wormhole that would be habitable for mankind, so they sent a seeding of humanimals with human trainers to the planet to terraform the planet, build cities and set up social organizations, so that upon the human’s arrival the transition to the new planet would go smoothly. However, a miscalculation in the wormhole’s temporal properties caused the humans to lose contact with their humanimal constructs, leaving them alone on the planet. Without direct guidance, the humanimals developed on their own and eventually developed a social structure suitable for their vastly diverse races With the memory of mankind vague in the social conscious, humans – or The Makers as they are known – have been elevated to an almost deity status among many of the humanimal populous. The humans, however, are still on their way to Alden and the Extinctioners are the only ones that know that they are coming, due to less than positive encounters with a small faction of humans. What the humans’ ultimate plans for Alden and its humanimal population have yet to be revealed.

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