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Exogenesis #1

Michael Westheim, Shep Shepard

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Charlie Martel is just trying to find and keep a girlfriend. Harley Ellsworth is just out to sell a few books. All changes when they find out that we are not alone in the universe.

This story is an atmospheric action-adventure (think Red Dawn) set in the contemporary world, one haunted by mysterious conspiratorial undertones (a la The X-Files). A young man named Charlie is jarred from his suburban teen life and forced to lead others in a struggle for survival when he witnesses the arrival of a terrifying alien force. Elsewhere, cynical writer Harley Ellsworth, whose uncanny ability to foresee these events has haunted him for years, is whisked away by government officials. While most adults have either joined the fight against the alien other or fled to safer parts of the country, the military is nowhere to be found. Why is the government suspiciously quiet on this subject? Many of the events leading up to the invasion are described in flashbacks, particularly through Harley. Why is the government sitting back while aliens invade, and for what reason are the aliens here? What dark secret links Charlie and Harley? Who will fight, who will fall? And what terrible truth lies beyond the stars?



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