Eternal Session #2



Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 52

What It's About

Theadora finally arrives to be met by a visibly troubled, yet handsome man named Rendel Remirez. What is his story? As he escorts Theadora to Marion Wilks’ room, it slowly becomes clear to Theadora that there is more to Rendel than meets the eye. But is there good in his heart? Or evil? Orphaned Specialist Bounty Hunters Dora and Ceera Linn are sisters, trapped and bound by the never ending search for their mother”s murderer. They know nothing of who it was, only his smile and eyes were visible. But, is all as it seems? Tonight, cards will be dealt that will slowly give way to the truth! Integral people will be met! Foes will be Fought! Mindless, stylized, action will ensue! Stay tuned, as Eternal”s saga…continues!

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