Empress Mother Earths Handmaiden Vol 1


Ursula Nolan is an evil industrialist who pollutes the earth for profit. But when she is forced to face a penance of her sins by the legendary Mother Nature, she is given a second chance at life by becoming her herald, the Empress! But the road to redemption won’t be a walk in the forest because one of her business rivals is coming for blood after Ursula drops their previous dealings. Can Ursula live up to her new role as the Empress and save the day?

Alex Dawe, Web Bleynat, Matteo Prayer

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 72

What It's About

Ursula Nolan became a coldhearted and ruthless industrialist after losing both of her parents to a freak storm. After years of shady and sometimes illegal business practices, many of which were harmful to the environment, she was confronted by Mother Nature herself who gave her a second chance at life as the champion of the natural world. Now, with her oldest and closest friend Juu Lee by her side, she fights for justice and the natural world as Empress: Mother Earth”s Handmaiden!

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