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Earthling Vegan Warrior #2

What was Fabian’s life like before he turned into a scarlet skinned superhero for animals? What caused his transformation? And who is The Flying Dutchman?

Dave Brink, Jim Jimenez, Jeremy Scott Browning, Bien Flores, Gaz Gretsky

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

This issue offers a look into Earthling’s past and introduces a deadly new enemy in his present! Also featuring a pin-up section with art by Bien Flores, Davy Wagnarok, Jessy Heagy, King Bola, and Dave Brink!

In the realm of comics humanity is guarded by many heroes, brave men and women who protect us all from simple crime to astonishing cosmic threats. And we are grateful. But where are the heroes who speak up for the animals? Now the voiceless have their own superpowered champion. Because they need one. Armed with the abilities of the animal kingdom, Earthling is prepared to do what it takes in order to end centuries of abuse and mass slaughter of sentient non-human beings. It”s violent. It”s epic. And it”s about frikkin time.



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