Dreamkeepers Vol. 2


Flight To Starfall

David Lillie, Liz Thomas

Standard Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 104

What It's About

The saga continues – racing onward from Volume 1, ‘Flight to Starfall’ unfolds in a dazzling display of color, danger, and intrigue. From luminescent snow-spewing volcanoes to thunderous bawdy street riots, from stalking tongue-beasts to lethal shock troopers, the cast of characters find themselves in a desperate bid to understand the events in which they are enmeshed. Crafted with meticulous artistic detail, Dreamkeepers is a vivid illustration of the power inherent in cartoon storytelling freed from preconceptions. Don’t miss your chance to discover the reading experience that others cannot forget. “I realize my praise may be more glowing than most are accustomed to in my reviews, but take it for what it is. While you’re at it, order a copy of this book and join the ranks of the converted… Dreamkeepers has been, to this point, one of the most engrossing and exciting comics I’ve been privileged to read as a reviewer…” – Indy Comic Review “I’ll tell you right now that I had high-expectations for the graphic novel and they weren’t just met, they were blown away! The most recent three chapters are just as exhilarating (if not more) than the first… I actually have two great friends who aren’t even “furries” and they are absolutely hooked on your comics as well. -K R As we sleep, our dreams form an unconscious bridge between our mind, and a surreal fantasy world… A landscape plagued by bloodthirsty nightmarish creatures, thirsting to cross into our minds and wreak their unspeakable destruction. Only the existence of the DreamKeepers stands in their way. Every living person has a unique embodiment in the DreamWorld – their DreamKeeper. As long as our DreamKeeper lives, our minds are sealed off from the longing touch of the demonic nightmares. Seething in sadistic fury, the nightmares strive endlessly to slaughter the DreamKeepers, unlocking the avenues of obliteration.
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