DreamKeepers Vol. 1


David Lillie

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 98

What It's About

The story of DreamKeepers begins here – meet Mace, Whip, Lilith, Namah, and a host of other unique characters as you read through 98 full color pages of non-stop story and adventure! The critically acclaimed Award winning Volume 1 includes a special forward by creator David Lillie, a spot illustration at the conclusion of the book, and the start of what’;s being hailed by critics as “In a Word: Luxuriant.” As we sleep, our dreams form an unconscious bridge between our mind, and a surreal fantasy world… A landscape plagued by bloodthirsty nightmarish creatures, thirsting to cross into our minds and wreak their unspeakable destruction. Only the existence of the DreamKeepers stands in their way. Every living person has a unique embodiment in the DreamWorld – their DreamKeeper. As long as our DreamKeeper lives, our minds are sealed off from the longing touch of the demonic nightmares. Seething in sadistic fury, the nightmares strive endlessly to slaughter the DreamKeepers, unlocking the avenues of obliteration.

REVIEWS FOR VOLUME 1: “It would be easy for some to discount the depth in this book at first glance. .. Cartoonish ‘manga’ style is often stereotyped as a kid thing… This book completely shatters that stereotype….” –Indy Comic Review

“It’s charming, disarming, shocking and very compelling – and we’re looking forward to seeing volume two.” –Andy Shaw, Grovel Reviews

“This is a fun series that is like no other I have read. It’s high adventure. It’s fun. And most importantly, it’s an original concept from a new voice in independent comics. I can’t wait to read more of DREAMKEEPERS and I can’t recommend it enough.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“There are hints of magic, fable, political intrigue and science … The artwork has a very strong animated movie look… Almost all the pages in this collection are striking, but it is the fight scenes where things are taken up a notch with impressive results.” -Silver Bullet Comics Small-press reviews


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