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Drama Drama #6

Steve LeBlanc

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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The Cardinal continues to menace the city of New York as the Global Emergency Mission Strike-Force or g.e.m.s. are seemingly helpless to stop him. By keeping one step ahead of them he has cast doubt about their vaunted effectiveness in battling terror. Complicating matters is a growing call led by journalist, Nathan Casterman to dismantle the G.E.M.S. organization altogether. Meanwhile, Sophia’s roomate Audrey is about to have her life take an unexpected turn as she gets a surprise visitor in the form of international jewlel thief, James DeReading.

A billionaire industrialist had created his own paramilitary organization known as GEM Squad to deal with threats too complicated for the government to handle. One GEM Squad quartet is led by a woman who”s code name is Pearl, a Filipina/American heiress, Sophia Buccat.



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