Divine Authority Presents #4


Mark McCracken, Stephen Holcomb II, John Sowder

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

What It's About

This issue features the 2nd Chapter of “SPYNE”, a horror/drama mix in which protagonist Jared slowly (& painfully) realizes something very twisted is going on with his body, aside from his lifelong physical disabilities. Your parents always warned you against underage drinking… but this isn’t anything they would’ve seen coming! This issue also contains “Ray In Hell” chapter 4 with the face-off everyone has been waiting for: Ray Vendel vs. Bloodhawk! And “Penumbra” chapter 4, the Conclusion to the first story arc in the adventures of our heroine. In search of her origin, Valerie is forced to combat her sister, Twilla.

Divine Authority Presents is a compilation book, containing several short stories per issue, by a variety of creators. Some of these stories continue from issue-to-issue, while others are stand-alone stories. Midnight Warriors, -Girl!, and other characters created exclusively for DAP!

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