Divine Authority Presents #2


Mark McCracken, John Sowder, Oliver Villar, Luis Chichon

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

What It's About

“Penumbra”- Valerie grows closer to learning her demented family secrets as the retro horror story continues! “Ray In Hell” – Ray (of “Midnight Warriors”) has travelled to Hell in search of an object of value, but unlike it’s residents, if he dies there it’s forever! “United Soldier” – Undercover operative Kimberly Sakahari may have accidentally killed one of her students while teaching kindergarten!

Divine Authority Presents is a compilation book, containing several short stories per issue, by a variety of creators. Some of these stories continue from issue-to-issue, while others are stand-alone stories. Midnight Warriors, -Girl!, and other characters from our ongoing books sometimes appear within the book, in addition to brand-new sets of characters created exclusively for DAP!

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