Divine Authority Presents #1


Mark McCracken, John Sowder, Enrico Zanoletti, Oliver Villar, Jamie Apgar, Marcelo Salaza, Marcia Casaqueviti

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 44

What It's About

Compilation book, containing several short stories per issue, by a variety of creators. Some of these stories continue from issue-to-issue, while others are stand-alone stories. Midnight Warriors, -Girl!, and other characters from our ongoing books sometimes appear within the book, in addition to brand-new sets of characters created exclusively for DAP!

This Over-Size first issue contains 5 stories featuring: “Penumbra”, “Ray In Hell”, “United Soldier”, & “Breezy”. This issue also features a massive wraparound cover with a melee of over 30 of our characters! “Penumbra” is a 1970’s horror story about a girl in search of her dark and mysterious past. “Ray In Hell” features Ray of “Midnight Warriors” setting off on a bounty hunt that leads him to Hell. “United Soldier” details the transition of an All-New United Soldier, who at present is posing as a kindergarten teacher while in search of an alien terrorist. “Breezy”‘s life has been all the more complicated since becoming empowered with control over the Wind, and it’s about to get moreso when the villain who once tormented her has arrived in her new home.

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