Disposable Fiction Vol. 1


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The material of each story is quite different. In one story, a priest doses his congregation with LSD before a sermon. In another, a schizophrenic homeless man is driven to save a young boy in peril. There’s a story where a gay man and a bachlorette move in together once the government passes a law that states that all single people must be married to someone of the opposite sex by the age of thirty. In another story, a forest nymph becomes human and takes over the corporation that is poisoning her forest. There’s also an action tale about a race across town to get into a secret spy organization. All this and still ten to go. Disposable Fiction is a one-shot anthology of 15 self contained stories ranging from five to twenty pages each. They book is 126 pages long, including credits. All of these stories are in black and white. Each story has a different artist, but the same writer.
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