Dimensioneer #2


A traveler of all worlds! A master of space and dimension! A man of using demonic powered magic in a world ruled by science! A hero with fantastic powers he hasn’t even begun to understand! He is constantly having to face dimensional demons and other foes far more powerful than himself…Dan Ditko…that peerless paragon of parallel possibilities–The Dimensioneer!

Dan Reed

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

Dan Ditko is just your everyday ordinary financial advisor living a quiet life in beautiful Ocean City, Florida…. but, unknown to him Cosmic demonic otherworldly forces are at work which will change him into the hero forever more known as the Dimensioneer! Also in this Origin Issue we find the beginnings of Victor Vargos, master vampire, Dr. Insect, ruler of all insects, and the Great Pyramid, the strange hero who will soon be leading our hero into hell and beyond!

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