Devil’s Triangle #5


Brian C. Hailes,Blake Casselman

Standard Sized Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 34

Format Clear
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Gist Miller, a crew member of the salvage trawler, Monte Cristo, receives two visits from a ghostly apparition while searching for sunken treasure off the Florida Keys. Soon after the visitations, Gist and crew experience even more strange phenomena as they venture deeper into the bounds of the Triangle. Methane deposits, sea-life, and piracy soon become the least of their worries as they discover the real danger lurking behind the mystery of the Devil’s Triangle.

With a host of persistent zombie sailors and ghosts hot on their trail and a malevolent being much older making himself at home in Cassandra’s body, Gist Miller and company just can’t seem to catch a break. Out of escape routes and out of time, they must stand and face their myriad enemies aboard an abandoned cruise ship . . . or something much worse. Can Gist and company fight their way out of a supernatural prison where demons wait around every corner for a chance to claim new bodies for their own? In the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, only the devil can hear you scream.

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