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Descent Into Hell #1

The horror is hers, but not hers alone.

Richard Stiles

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

High School Ghoul – Chapter 1 – Dear Dead Debbie

Her family was devastated by the interruption of her brief life, but beyond that, she shares the experience of her brutal death every year at the Harvest Moon Dance, with whatever boy she can entice to take her home. She just wants someone there when she dies again. Someone better than the monster that was there when it was real. But now, someone who never would have known she existed will feel her loss, probably for life. That experience is shared with someone new, every year, since 1953. In 1978, a popular but fun, funny and friendly senior named Tommy gets the honor. She just wants to have her night at the dance, and have it go the way it should have gone, that first time. She becomes real, for the evening. There’s a price for that, but she pays it.

Horror stories from the Catalyst Universe; the prime reality of Timescape Fantasy. A reality in which descendants of the gods have always used their inherited powers to influence outcomes. For better or worse. Whether or not there are character crossovers, it all happens in the same world, and may tie-in.



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