Dead Klowns


Jarrod L. Dodson,Ivica Sertenovic

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 70

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In this one-shot; Brian Vollmer of the rock band HELIX is Mitch Mason who battles Undead Zombie-Klowns while protecting his daughter for these evil kreatures. Will they live thought this horror?

This is a story about redemption, reconnecting, and forgiveness with a loved one and finding out whom you really are. Jenny Mason finds this out within the contents of this horrid tale. Her father left her at age ten and hated him for years. We also follow Mark, an awkward teen coming-of-age during a back-drop of a zombie-klown invasion. He has to become a man at age 13 as he kicks out his pre-teen mentality as Mark joins forces with others to survive. Mitch Mason, our lead and father of his estranged daughter Jenny, comes back into her life to reconnect; only bringing something evil with him. As the town of BATH, NY is over run by this flesh-eating Kreatures, they band together to stop this menace that was created by Sir Issac Newton decades ago. They must fight to stay alive in this nightmare landscape and work together to destroy this menace known only as….DEAD KLOWNS.

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