Darius #1


Tiffany Ross

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 52

Format Clear
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Welcome to CYantia, a world of lush forests, jungles, oceans and deserts. It”s a wonderful unspoiled world inhabited by the Cyantians, immigrants who were stranded on the world by a race of ancient creatures in search of a cure for a disease that eventually wiped them out. Life goes on and generations have been born on this world, going through the normal cycles of conflict and peace to this day. but that is about to change.

In this issue, we return to following Darius in his own series and the focus of this set of stories. He”s young, brash and turning 15 years old today! For most young wolves, their 15th birthday is the first step into going from a cub to a young adult. IN another year, he”ll be preparing for a life on his own. AT least, that”s the plan, but plans often get interrupted and this one is no more certain than any other. Rama tibal (Wolf) has returned and he has his eyes set on a specific group of wolves who have befriended his son, Vincent. The situation could not have developed any better if Rama himself had planned it and now, he wants all of them for his purposes of revenge.

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