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Dangerdolls #3

Eryck Webb, Lon Ryden,Molly Whipple

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Danger Dolls #3 again contains three stories. In the first story Susan MacDuff as Blue Belle faces great peril as she seeks to bring the mysterious Acktress to justice. In the second story read the epic conclusion to Chickfighter’s origin. In the third story Kunoichi Kei goes out for pizza and mayhem ensues!

Danger Dolls are intrepid heroines who appear on Danger Doll Satellite TV. Is the network exploiting the salacious adventures of these heroines for financial gain or providing a public service by promoting their good deeds? Their campy adventures frequently involve situations dangerous not only to life and limb but to their costumes as well! This is a comic about heart, hope, humor… it’s just exciting fun!



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