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Croz Comics Presents #1

Fredrick H Crosby Jr.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Croz Comics Presents is the showcase comic for the Crozverse. The Crozverse is a line of comics, both regular and min, from Croz Comics LLC. Croz Comics are comics with a “historical fiction” twist. Beginning in 1980, the universe will evolve and the characters will deal with real world historical events, but they will have an impact in this “alternate” earth. In this premiere issue three origin stories unfold: – The Crozverse – The origin of why the Crozverse is different than the world we are in! – Nitevision – A layer in the city of Las Garie, Nevada runs into the wrong mob boss and his life is threatened. What saves him will change his life and the Crozverse forever. – Powersword – A former Navy sailor turned Silvertown stuntman runs into a demon and a sword that change his life and the life of his brother. Croz Comics Presents will showcase three stories in an anthology type format with each story being given and actual calendar date to ensure continuity and ease of reading for creators and readers alike. Croz Comics small books, BIG stories!



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