Corpus Draconis #1


Another day another job. A high bounty has been set on a particularly dangerous raiding job in the city. Where all others shy away, Samuel and his Raiders will defy the odds and collect the prize. However, there is a reason nobody else wanted the job. This prize may be more than Sam and his band of Raiders can handle…

Juan Esiquiel Olvera

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

After the world as we know it is destroyed in a cataclysmic disaster known as the PANDORA event, creatures of fantasy roam the world and inhabit our old cities. Scavengers who venture out from their walled safe zones are called Vaqueros. One young band of Vaqueros will soon find themselves choosing between a simple life of scavenging, or uncovering the sinister secrets behind the PANDORA event.

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