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Corpse Cop #3


Alan Bennett

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

What It's About

This time round Corpse Cop is sent into South America's rain forest to discover what is happening to an oil company's engineering team. But once there where Indiana Jones made it famous for trapped Mayan temples, Corpse Cop has come across ruins that contain a much more dangerous treasure than any gold idol could represent. And it is something more sinister than any man could dream of that lays in wait in the jungle. It''s not just a nation at risk but the fate of the entire world.

A Self-Aware Zombie? Is such a thing even possible? In Corpse Cop, we learn that answer, sometimes in gory detail. Has he been dispatched to deal with the threat of the Zombie Apocalypse .. or is he start of it? Only time will tell.

Format Clear
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