Contrast Blackness In White Remastered


There’s something about comic book art sans color. When done right, there are places you can go in terms of layout and design that doesn’t quite have the same effect when you slap some color on it. That interplay between black and white, positive and negative space. The contrast. That has a flavor all its own.

Jiba Molei Anderson

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

What It's About

With this one-shot, Griot Enterprises goes back to the beginning while moving forward. We’ve got The Song of Lionogo: An Indian Ocean Mythological Remix, a fantasy tale that was created for the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. Next up is an unused tale of social justice featuring characters from the sci-fi, Kung-Fu epic Outworld. You’ll learn the secret origin of the New Mythology in a all-new Horsemen tale. Finally, we will witness the beginning of The New Mythology in The Consonance, the heroes of legend that pre-date The Horsemen themselves and more in this 48-page spectacular!

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