Clown Town #3


Kevin LaPorte, Amanda Rachels

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Format Clear
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Young Chelsea Schroeder is abandoned in the horrid circus, Clown Town. As her mother and good clowns, Bennie & Berniece, attempt a rescue, they all stumble upon the unimaginable secret of the killer clowns! Includes 8-page Clown Town Christmas tale, “Your Nose, So Bright.” The circus has come to Dusty Gulch, Kentucky, and children are vanishing. A body count of parents and caretakers skyrockets in the wake of these disappearances, as does the roll of dead victimizers of children – those known to abuse and neglect. Panic grips the townspeople, and reports of clowns at the abduction sites lead a few desperate citizens to the circus for answers. Led by El Goro, a retired rodeo clown with more than a few tricks up his sleeve, these unlikely defenders include a down-and-out single mom and her daughter, a reformed alcoholic who lost custody of his own children, and a moonlighting birthday party buffoon with a quickly dwindling customer base. They must conquer a primal fear of clowns in order to live long enough to learn a way to stop them and to answer the question: Are the imbalanced clowns simply face-painted monsters wantonly murdering for their own amusement, or are they nightmare-spawned avengers of wronged and innocent children?

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