Fallen Angel


DeAndre Moffett, Elyas Shamman, Milliard Torres

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 68

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What It's About

Long ago the gods listened to the people of earth and sent down a child made from their own blood combined, but the child was picked up and raised by bandits and became the most powerful and evil being known to existence. The gods locked him up for eternity and swore to never interfere with humans again. They made it forbidden for angels to get near earth or they will lose their wings. Hundreds of years passed and the story faded. When a young angel wanders into heavens forbidden lands he hears cries and voices, curious and unknowing of the rules, he tried to get close to earth but loses his wings in the process. A young boy, now lost his wings, cannot return to heaven. The boy meets an old man and a child, setting on a quest to do what the gods swore not to do: help the humans in their war against evil.

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