Chem 19 Vol. 1


Kevin Truglio, P.R. Dedelis

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 164

What It's About

Collecting Chem 19 #1 – #6. Dr. Jason Wagner was part of a military team that designed a synthetic drug for use in war. It was named Chemical 19. Chemical 19 was a drug designed to foster addiction and dependence. The chemical compound attached itself to DNA of the user and if the user stopped taking the drug, then the chemical would disintegrate along with the DNA causing death. The purpose of Chemical 19 was to bring the elimination or dependence of warring countries. Put out by our government before a cure could be provided, Chemical 19 found its way into every countries way of life, destroying society as we know it. Governments spent billions fighting the war on drugs and realizing it was a losing battle turned their attention to containing it. Addicts, criminals and the lower levels of society found their way or were forced to live in cities with little government support. Military is used to keep this segregation in place. Racked by guilt in his involvement of creating Chemical 19, Dr. Jason Wagner has spent the past ten years searching for a cure.


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