Chihuahuas Are Lucky #1


On Isbel's eleventh birthday, her Dad is magically kidnapped by a Pirate Gorilla Horde. Now Isbel (and her Chihuahua) must go on a quest to save him. And not die trying.

Mike Nappa, Dennis Edwards

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

“Today is my eleventh birthday. My parents are acting weird.” So begins the first issue of CHIHUAHUAS ARE LUCKY – and the adventures of Isbel Felice in a brand-new wonder-world where a Pirate Gorilla Horde runs rampant, Wert the Wixard (that's wizard with a little something “x-tra”) manages birthday quests, and unicorns may or may not be helpful. But what's a girl to do except try to rescue her father? At least she's got her puppy, Princesa, with her. After all, everybody knows that chihuahuas are lucky…right?

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