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Charnel House #1

Five chilling stories from cold gun-noir to blood-curdling horror.

Wes Huffor, Richard Nelson, David A J Berner

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 52

NoGods.. – When Scientists reveal proof that there is truly no GOD, both religious groups and the public react. One man is forced to fulfill his destiny. Landslide – Just when you think everything is going good, some chick you met at a bar decides she wants to try being a surgeon. Mad World – Think of a hundred people. Not acquaintances but the people who’ve really mattered to you. Your parents. Your best friend when you were eleven. Your first crush. The teacher that helped you get through high school. Your wife. Your children. Every significant person in your life. Now imagine they all died except for one. Who would it be? The Fugue State – Detective Faragher and Detective Foggy, solve murders. They serve the public by finding those who would commit violent crimes. They protect the innocent. They do it all in a seriously F’d up way. Speakeasy – In prohibition Chicago, gangsters and crimelords had more to fear than the cops. 




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