Cesilee’s Diary #1


Tiffany Ross

Standard Comic
44 pages
Black & White

Format Clear
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Cesilee&#39s Diary began in 2001 as a filler for the primary Cyantian Chronicles comic – Campus Safari – and was an immediate hit with the readers who demanded more. It was never intended as anything more than a filler, but began updating regularly in 2004.

Cesilee doesn&#39t like it when people read her diary. Unfortunately, she has nosy, well meaning roommates who are slightly disturbed by her entries. It would seem that Cesilee, a mounty of Ocelot and Puma descent, has a crush – on a human. And not just on any human, but one who likes all of the different kinds of Cyantians, except – cats. And then, there are Cesilee&#39s Roommates, the amorous lioness, ness and the technomage mouse, Phoenix, who also has the esponsibility of tutoring marcus in the arts of being a technomage with his own technofamiliar, A troublesome gryphon who wants nothing more than to simply cause trouble.

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