Carriers: War Correspondence #2


Jay Huwer,Ben Ferrari,Kurt Belcher, Jason Kimble, Ben Ferrari, Hector Garcia, Mike Gallagher, Silas Dixon, Jay Stinson, Jeff Graham, Federico Pepito Sioc Jr., Fabian Cobos, Ki Kim, Federico Guillen, Seth Frail, Patrik Mock

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Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

Carriers: War Correspondence #2 is FILLED with awesome pinups from the best artists in the industry! Not only that, but Jay Huwer (one of the best writers in the industry!) has written a stunning short story with art by Kurt Belcher, Silas Dixon and Jay Stinson!

Are the Carriers really the heroes they think they are? Are they really getting dragged into epic battles and New York adventures on a DAILY basis? Or is it all in there heads?

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