Cap’n Catnip #1


Tim Fuller, John Leasure

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What it's About

The mean streets of Petropolis are no longer a safe place for decent, house-trained animals! Packs of wild dogs preyed on the weak, whispered rumors spread that somewhere, deep underground a mysterious giant rodent was organizing disgruntled alley cats into an unholy army of the night. Citizens lived in terror. This looks like a job for Cap’n Catnip! Together with his faithful sidekick, Womble the Wonder Gerbil, the Cap’n fights for small furry creatures everywhere. The Adventures of Cap’n Catnip and Womble the Wonder Gerbil collects all the Charlton Bullseye material from the early 1980s, published and unpublished, plus bonus features, like pinups and behind the scenes art.
Format Clear
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