Bunny Girl Bonanza


Jer Alford, Alison Bailey, Jason Bullock, Rick Butler, Ralph Cruz, Natalie Eckman, Stephanie Gladden, Christy Hernandez, Alicia Johnson, Khari Sampson, Kerry Scribner, Gaylord Tause, Sean Taylor, Aimi Tokutake, Toshubi, Desi Turner

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 64

What It's About

Bunny Girls Bonanza brings bouncing babes for awesome otaku! Rabina is a rabbit demi-goddess and who falls in love with an amateur magician, Equinox highlights high school hijinks in an anthropomorphic shoujo, and Steam Bunny is a light novel about a steampunk siren. All this, plus amazing artwork by indie creators. Kemonomimi cuties from anime and manga!

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