Black Arrow #4


In his search for the Purple Haze drug, Black Arrow runs across a random crime being committed in his city; only to discover that his nemesis (Solseki) has formed a new Nine Dragon Yakuza clan in Oakland California! Black Arrow sets his mind to end Solseki’s madness!

Edward L. Sims, Raymond Leonard, Ernest Jocson, Donald McQuay

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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What It's About

Black Arrow, a former assassin for the Yakuza, tries to leave his past behind; but soon discovers that his past will catch up to him. Settling in the U.S., Hai Chin (Black Arrow) hears about a new drug (Purple Haze) in his neighborhood. Chin takes it upon himself to stamp out the spread of this drug; only to discover that his former Yakuza masters are creating the drug for a more sinister purpose!

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