Bermuda City #1

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Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What It's About

There are some places that just draws evil. Bermuda City is one of them. Controlled by a crooked military and Russian Mob, the island city is a harvest for sinister acts. Bermuda City native, Detective Jordan Long is drawn in by estrange events after bringing down rouge CIA agent, Nigel Goodman. A string of murders, including fellow cop Steven Wallace, has long on the other side of the law as all clues lead to him. Now a fugitive, his only option is to dig for clues that will test him humanity.
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1 review for Bermuda City #1

  1. stayintune2011 (verified owner)

    Good read and am awaiting the next issue. Interesting characters and what’s even more of a pull in is that they have a video series on youtube based on the comic. Need to see more of this asap!

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