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Badgirlz: Shorts #1

Michael McClain,Rob Hicks, Phil Moy

Standard Comic:
Black & White
Page Count: 20

Who are the Badgirlz? The Badgirlz are cute, young, sexy, wild, exotic, but deadly school girls. The Badgirlz is a story about five teenage girls who are recruited for a new government project, by a man named Major A-Hole. He decided to train the girls to be an instrument of justice for the government. Each girl who volunteers for this Badgirlz project is looking at hard time (life) in prison when they become 18 years old. Under this government project, the girl”s criminal record will be clear in five years of service to the project. The teenage girls have different life styles…can they live under the same roof without killing each other? If these girls can”t become a team under the government program, they”ll go back to prison for life. The girls find themselves being driven apart by conflicting emotions.



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