Azalea #1


Mark Melton

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

What It's About

Join a band of 4 misfits as they try to discover what has caused their world to start being devoured by the substance known as “The Stink!”. What truths will they find in their holy book The Azalea? This special edition includes the original 4 part mini series found in the pages of Megazeen all in one collection for the first time!

Azalea is a sci-fi/fantasy story that asks the question, “Did God create intelligent life on other planets and if so are they in a need of a Savior?” The planet Cappian has been infected by a virus called “The Stink” and it’s up a band of 4 misfits to stop the virus before it overtakes their entire world, with only the help of a mysterious old man and their holy book “The Azalea”.

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