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Asylum Vol. 2

Seeking Asylum

Evie and a small group of Divine Children struggle to live among the Castoffs who fear and hate their kind. With the threat of The Family looming over them, inner turmoil and suspicion makes them question if they want to continue living in the dangerous Outer Territories, or sacrifice their freedom for the safety of The Family. When a New Born Divine Child is captured by Castoffs, it sends ripples through the clans. They realize they must fight their oppressors before The Family returns to its full strength. 


G F Moore Topazio

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 124

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ASYLUM Volume 2 collects issues 5-9 in a trade paperback. What it’s about: Glass Asylum has a mysterious connection with an alternate dystopian world called The Ring where the patients have powers that correspond to their psychosis and are revered as Divine Children.



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