Art Of Samurai Genji


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What It's About

The “Art of Samurai Genji” features a collection of the character concept art that went into creating the comic.

In these lands of war there is a legend that eating the flesh of man can give you unnatural power and long life, but comes at the cost of humanity. Over one hundred years after the great wars of power and the status of life has gotten even worse, the crops are not growing, disease is spreading, and people would much rather blame each other for their problems than some old folk tale. A wandering samurai by the name of genji, is searching for the mysterious swordsman “white fox”. Through Genji”s travels in search for this man he has found truth to the myth and has made a living for himself disposing of those who eat the flesh. Join our unsuspecting hero, genji, as his path of revenge turns him into the hero these lands so desperately need!

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