Argo Comics Double Shot #3


In the grand tradition of superhero team-up books, Argo Comics Double Shot is an anthology of short stories teaming up two heroes of the Argo Comics universe.

Dan Sehn, Carlos Henry, Alex Dawe, Johnny Barlanti, Mauro Barbieri, David Santos, Bruna Costa, Jhonatan Smith, Miguel Marques

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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What It's About

Can QUETZAL and MS. METEOR save a doomed Soviet space shuttle? A heist at a New York City art gallery leads to a chance encounter between MARY MENTAL and DELTRA. In Africa a monster is unleashed and must be stopped by THUNDERLORD and GRAV but can they agree on what type of monster it is? All questions are answered in this issue of Argo Comics Anthology.

Plus pin-ups from Mike Leeke, Louis Small Jr., Andy Macdonald, and Mike Leeke. Also, a painted cover by Alexandre Nascimento!

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