Argo Comics Double Shot #1


In the grand tradition of superhero team-up books, Argo Comics Double Shot is an anthology of short stories teaming up two heroes of the Argo Comics universe.

Dan Sehn, Carlos Henry, Kam Mohtashemi, Dijjo Lima, Carlos Fernando, John Castelhano, Jhon Smith, Flavio Soares, David Santos, Jackson Gebien, Gabriel Camelo, Rogerio Rocha, Igor Ferraz

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What It's About

The All-American and Artillery encounter a deadly terrorist threat at the Olympic Games. Sensei X and Ninjana’s dinner plan’s go awry, and the Weaponaire and Avatar go hunting… for a vampire! Plus pin-ups by Tim Vigil, Tim Tyler, John Hebert and Z!!

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