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Argo 5 #07

Dan Sehn, TG Sangalang, Miguel Marques, MC Wyman, Giuseppe Pica, Mitch Byrd, Franchesco!, Jay Hernandez, Gabrielle Dill Sr., Rodrigo Rosa De Souza, Brad Green, Mark McKenna, Jason Baroody

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

On the run from Argo 5 since issue five, Ghadu, the Maltese god of earth and stone, looks to escape with our heroes hot on his heels. What is his plan and how does it involve a young hockey player named Jack?

Earth’s premiere megahero team, Argo 5, take on threats from intergalactic to mystical to the greatest challenge of them all… social relationships. Can these megaheroes defend the earth and still handle the drama of social interaction? Megahero action meets soap opera suspense!



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