Argo 5 #03


Dan Sehn, Various

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

What It's About

Cataclysmic Cross-Over Issue!! A Demon King threatens all of reality dispersing orbs of power to villains of different comic book universes. Argo 5 travel through dimensions hoping to recover these spheres of destruction and in the process end up meeting some of independent comic’s greatest heroes. Can Argo 5 and guest-stars: The Sentinels, The Squirrel, The Sorority of Power, The Skunk, The Majestic Xll, Nira X, Morning Glory, and Acrocat defeat the Demon King’s plans and save reality from utter destruction?! Brought to you by an assortment of independent comics mega-talents with pin-ups by Mike McKone (Avengers Academy), Kevin Maguire (Justice League, Defenders), Bill Maus (Nira X), Franchesco! (She-Dragon, Green Lantern), Ben Dunn (Ninja High School) and more! Earth’s premiere megahero team, Argo 5, take on threats from intergalactic to mystical to the greatest challenge of them all… social relationships. Can these megaheroes defend the earth and still handle the drama of social interaction? Megahero action meets slice of life reality!
Format Clear
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