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Argo 5 #00


Dan Sehn, Arley Tucker, Ross Campbell, Alex Garcia, Giuseppe Pica, Mike McKone, Rob Liefeld, Jamal Igle, Andy Smith, Damion Scott, Brad Green, Rob Banbury, Louis Small Jr., Dave Hoover, Craig Bogart, Rich Miller, Rick Mays, Ross Campbell, Miguel Marques

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What were Gladiatra, Shazrath, Blue Dynamo, Kasira and Chain Reaction up to just prior to the team coming together? All is revealed! Plus a back-up story to give you a bit more information about the team while one of our heroes tries to find love through “HeroDate”, the world’s top mega-hero online dating website. All this plus Argo Comics’ famous pin-up section with art by industry pros and the hottest new talent around!

Earth’s premiere megahero team, Argo 5, take on threats from intergalactic to mystical to the greatest challenge of them all… social relationships. Can these megaheroes defend the earth and still handle the drama of social interaction? Megahero action meets soap opera suspense!



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