Argent Starr Quest For The Cardinal Stone #4


Argent and his team; Mrs. Thorne and Specter, follow leads to the Cardinal Stone in New York City. And exactly why is shape-shifter Rey Zyten on Earth anyway?


Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

The year: 2062. Reclusive genius Argent Starr is on a collision course with destiny, he must recover a stolen world-destroying alien weapon and protect Earth. His team; the fetching, fearless Latina bodyguard Mrs. Jaxon Thorne, and a trouble-making, brain-enhanced, Spanglish-speaking black cat named Specter. The trio are plunged into a galactic sci-noir adventure filled with sabotage, sex, drugs, high-stakes gambling, spies, magic and the mob.

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